Agriomatic problem 844

14.01.2018 15:37
avatar  qsecofr
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Hi, and greetings from Sweden.

I have a IH-844 from 1975 that is built in Deutchland, it has a Neuss enginge (D268). Therefore i thought there is a lot of knowledge in a German forum about this tractor:)

The problem that i have is that the agriomatic lever is stuck. I have to add that the tractor has been standing outdoors unused for at least 10 years and rain had filled one cylinder with water and so on. I did a small re-build of the engine and got that running only to find out that the agriomatic lever is stuck, (the one on the right side of the steering wheel). I bought the tractor in this condition so i don‘t know the history of the agriomatic, the seller said that everything worked when it was put away.

At first i thought it had rusted stuck and i tried to moved it hard back and forward several times and it became free. The clutch free agriomatic forward and backwards worked fine with group shifter in reverse, it had a delay of maybe three secounds before it engaged, don‘t know if that is normal?

But then after a few days when i started the tractor the lever was stuck again and it would not come loose like before.
Has anyone an idea what could cause this? Some valve that is rusted?

I know about at least one more tractor that have the same problem here in Sweden, that tractor had also been standing unused several years outdoors.
Do i need the open the gearbox from above and se if something is not moving freely? A lot of job to do that...

Feel free to write in German if that is more comfortable, i can always use Google translate.

Thanks a lot.


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06.02.2018 03:12
avatar  Kela

Hallo Henrik,

Da gibt es nur die Möglichkeit den Getriebedeckel abzunehmen
und reinschauen.
Wenn der Schlepper mehr als zehn Jahre im Regen gestanden hat
dann ist da ganz sicher ein Schaltgestänge oder ähnliches festgerostet.

Gruß Bernhard


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09.02.2018 10:32
avatar  qsecofr
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I probably have to open the top cover of the gearbox to take a look why the Agriomatic selector is not mowing. It is a big job to remove the cab to get to the gearbox, and then i have heard that the top cover of the gearbox is really hevavy, like 70kg :)

The strange thing is that it did work, and then after a couple of days it was stucked again...



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